Buy 3-FPM Crystals Online


Buy 3-FPM Crystals Online

The anorectic drug analogs phenmetrazine and phendimetrazine, used as prescription medicines before they were withdrawn, feature amphetamine-like properties associated with monoamine release. Available data on 3-FPM suggest that the effects might show mechanistic overlaps. This study describes the synthesis and extensive analytical characterization of 3-FPM and its differentiation from synthesized ortho– and para– substituted isomers, 2-FPM and 4-FPM, respectively. This study was triggered by the purchase of five powdered samples advertised as 3-FPM by five different Internet vendors based in the United Kingdom. The analytical data obtained for the vendor samples were consistent with the synthesized 3-FPM standard and differentiation between all three isomers was possible


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